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#4: Typing

(This one’s short too, sorry. I’ll post a more eventful interaction in #5, I guess? ^^)

When I was about 7 or so, I woke up to the sound of loud typing from the computer in my bedroom. Thinking someone was up, I went to tell them to quiet down //im tryna sleep like damn man// but to my surprise, nobody was there. I was a little weirded out by it, but tried to ignore it until everybody else in the house woke up. After a while, though, it became unbearable. So I walked over to computer and as soon as I sat down in front of it, the typing stopped. Looking at the screen, I saw that my mother’s AOL Instant Message was open (Sh, it was 2008. AOL was a thing then). I found this odd, because when my mother used to live in the home with us, she would use this computer in particular. I also recall her telling me that sometimes, as she was using this computer, she’d feel someone watching over her shoulder.

Sitting down at the computer, I asked her who it was she was talking to. She thought it was my uncle that was speaking with her (Because for some reason his E-mail was open???Eh). I looked through the previous messages, filled with misspellings and odd words. This wouldn’t seem odd if it weren’t for the fact that these were from just minutes before, yet nobody but me was awake or in the room (My uncle is a bit bad at typing, so the misspellings and whatnot would be no surprise). I can’t recall this ever happening again after we moved the computer, though. 

#3: The Girl in the TV Reflection

This story isnt mine, it was actually told to me by my mother a few years ago. It’s also pretty short. But it mainly fixated around myself, so I thought I’d tell. 

Years ago, when my mother and I lived in my Aunt’s apartment, we would occasionally stay there to watch over the house while my aunt, uncle, and cousin went out. One particular day when they were out, I was in the bedroom doing whatever, and my mother was watching TV in the living room. Now, we had recently got a new TV, so the old TV was pretty much laying next to it, and gave a clear view of the hallway that lead to the front door. And so, as my mom was watching TV, she glanced over to the old TV. And in the reflection, she saw a young girl. This young girl, she told me, looked very similar to myself. The girl appeared to be walking, but she never got any further. She was simply… walking in place. My mother, thinking it was me, called me over. Instead of the girl in the reflection coming to her, I came in from the bedroom. When she looked back to the young girl in the hallway, she was gone. As far as I know, the girl hasn’t appeared since.

#2: The Shadow Person in My Doorway

This is the story of the first time I saw the ghosts personally in my Aunt’s apartment. The orbs were still around often at this time, but they were more calming than they were scary. I mean, orbs! //orbs are love, orbs are life//

However, the shadow person was entirely different. This was the first time I saw the entities in the house take the shape of an actual person. Before this, it was just the orbs, the sound of footsteps, whispers, and thumps. However, one night when I couldn’t sleep, I had been sitting up, looking at the doorway, as I had just heard a particularly loud thumping sound in the darkness of the apartment. I turned away for a moment, and when I looked back, I saw it. 

The shadow person was walking slowly out the door, his dark black shadow clear and deeply noticable against the white door. I stared, a scared and confused 8 yr. old at the time, when suddenly, the shadow stops. Its head turns slowly to face mine, and although I can’t see its eyes, I can feel its stare as it stands in the doorway, slouching and silent. I stare back, and after a few moments, it turns away, and walks out of my room and merges with the dark shadows in the hallway. I sat there for a few moments, terrified, and then stood up, walking over to the hallway (Don’t ask why I did this, I was young and also I’m white. You know how white people act in horror movies.). In the darkness, I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear the whispers growing louder around me. Immediately, I turned on every light in the house. I did this every night after, and only in late 2013 did I grow out of this habit. Even still though, on some nights, I cant help but feel the urge to get up and turn on all the lights to ward off the shadow I once saw in the doorway. 

#1: Orbs?

When I lived in my Aunt’s apartment two years ago, I would often see little floating orbs. At first, this was a rare thing, but eventually, I would see them frequently, and others in the house would as well. I thought this problem would stop when I moved to the house I’m currently living in with my Uncle, but just after a few months I’d seen them again, and I still do see them from time to time. The first time I saw these orbs, I was about 8, and they looked a lot different than I’d see them the times after, so I kind of wonder whether or not those were something different than what I saw? The first time, the orbs looked pretty large, and they’d float around my room during the 3 A.M. hour. Unlike the ones I see now, those orbs didn’t flicker. They’d simply move around the room, for a time ranging to 5 minutes to even an hour. Then they would head to opposite side of the room and fade. The orbs I see now, I often see in small areas (and by small I mean they could appear in a normal-sized bathroom/closet or a small bedroom, like the one I have. [that fact may seen unimportant, but I’ll get to why its not.]). On occasion, I would see them in the corners of rooms. The first time I saw these, I hardly knew what to think: I was heading into the bathroom, when suddenly my vision was filled with many small, scattering, firefly-like orbs that would fly around me for a minute or so before simply disappearing. I blew it off, thinking it was due to some problem with my eyes. However, when I saw them a second time (Once again in the bathroom, it seemed that it was a very popular place for them to appear?) I instead went to my uncle, taking him to where I saw the orbs and asked if he could see it as well. He looked confused, swatting at the air as if trying to get rid of them, and told me he could see them as well. This confirmed that it was not a problem with my eyesight, but something else. I wasn’t sure what, however. After that, I’d see them often in my closets, in the bathroom (That was where I usually saw them), or in the hallways. When I moved, I figured the problem would be solved. I thought I was right when I hadn’t seen them for nearly two months, however one night I woke up (I’m not sure why I did, though. It was weird) and I sat up, and was greeted with the familiar firefly-like orbs. After this, I’d see them again, but now they would appear in large areas, such as the living room or even in outside areas. I haven’t seen them for a little over a month now, but I can’t help wondering when and where I’ll see them next.


i have a lame username

Anyway, uh, this blog is pretty much for me to talk about any paranormal/scary/whatever experiences I have. My main blog is the-nerd-patrol. Time to time, I have some weird paranormal experiences in my Aunt’s home or around that area. And so, because my friend requested I make more posts about my ghoooostly experiences, I made a seperate blog to do so! (Now with twice as much Grammar. :’D)

So… I’ll just post certain experiences I’ve had whenever, I guess! :D